69 Tao Symbol of Cyberspace

Look no further than WordPress to understand the 69 tao symbol of cyberspace. Every content created and published on the WordPress platform goes into a tao known as http://www.wordpress.com.

The virtual world known as cyberspace is summarised to tao symbol represented by 69. 6 and 9, representing yin and yang respectively,  are the two binary digits 0 and 1.

Yin and yang are broken and unbroken. Broken line is 0 and unbroken line is 1, such that the information stored in binary digits is in reality tao.

This means that vast amount of data managed by WordPress is 69.

Word (four letters) = 4
Press (five letters) = 5
WordPress = Word and Press
                     = 4 and 5
                     = 45

When placed in front of a mirror, 45 is 54.

Tao = Yin and Yang
        = 6 and 9
        = 6 × 9
        = 54

The Tao is Rubik’s Cube and 45 is two dimensional representation of Rubik’s Cube. This means that 54 is a cube and 45 is a square.

The cube and the square are related by the fraction: 45/54, where 45 is the object, 54 is the image, and / is the mirror placed between the object and the image.

Tao is Rubix Cube, since Rubik’s Cube has six square faces and nine small squares per square face. 54 is the total number of small squares in three-dimensional structure of the tao.

Since the tao is cyberspace, WordPress is a microcosm of WWW (World Wide Web). This is asserted by the fact that the sum of W, W, and W is 69 and the product of 6 and 9 is 54.

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