God’s Number in Half Turn Metric System

20 – God’s number in halt turn or face turn metric.

Half turn metric (HTM) or face turn metric (FTM) uses twenty minimum number of turns to solve a Rubik’s Cube from its most scattered state. Rubik’s Cube is the holy of holies or the holy city, and the half turn metric is one of the two sides of the most holy place.

A full turn is 360 degrees.

HTM = 360 × 1/2
          = 180 degrees

HTM (half turn metric) describes the relationship between the two equilateral triangles occupying the base angles of an isosceles right triangle. 180 degrees (half turn) is the angle between the two equilateral triangles in an isosceles right triangle.

Each equilateral triangle is comprised of the ten dots the pythagoreans described as tetractys of the decad, such that the two equilateral triangles are equal to twenty dots.

The twenty dots are the twenty minimum  number of turns  required to solve a speed cube in the half turn metric system.

The isosceles right triangle is a Tao symbol in which the base angles constitute yin or broken.

The broken side is chi, which means God in Igbo language. The 20 basic number of moves in the face turn metric are called God’s number because chi is God in Igbo language and the Rubik’s Cube is the house of God. Solving the mystery of  Rubik’s Cube in cyberspace is an act of worship.

Solving the mystery of divinity is solving a Rubik’s Cube puzzle because the house of God  is a puzzle requiring the same techniques used for solving  a 3×3×3 cube game.

In two dimensional representation, the house of God is a square equal to 45. In three dimensional representation, the house of God is a cube equal to 54. Which means that God dwells in 4 and 5.

4 and 5 = 4 × 5
              = 20 (chi)


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