God’s Number in Quarter Turn Metric System

Quarter turn metric system uses 26 minimum number of turns to solve Rubix Cube puzzle. The twenty six turns are the 26 sub-cubes in a Rubik’s Cube. Although the cube should be an orderly arrangement of 27 sub-cubes, the fulcrum on which the 26 sub-cubes are anchored occupies the position of the 27th cube.

A full turn is 360 degrees.

QTM = 1/4 × 360 degrees
          = 90 degrees

QTM (quater turn metric) is the point of intersection of the two equilateral triangles in isosceles right triangle. The equilateral triangles are trigrams intersecting at angle 90 (right angle) to form the I Ching hexagram called the star of David.
The area of intersection is a hexagonal structure of a cube.

A cube has six square faces, eight vertices, and 12 edges, the sum of which is equal to 26.

Number of faces = 6
Number of vertices = 8
Number of edge = 12

Cube = Faces + Vertices + Edges
          = 6 + 8 + 12
          = 26  (QTM)

King Solomon placed a cube measuring 20×20×20 in the first temple and called it the holy of holies. God in turn told Solomon that he will dwell in the temple for ever. The cube represents God’s presence in Solomon’s temple.

God = G + O + D
        = 7 + 15 + 4
        = 26 (cube)

Solomon’s work is affirmed by Muslims who built a cubic house and called it the house of God. God is simply a cube, which explains why Muslims named the holiest of Islam a cube.

The cube that inspired the physical cubes constructed by Jews and Muslims is Rubik’sCube, a three-dimensional representation of the tao symbol of WWW (World Wide Web).

WWW  = 69 (tao)
              = Yin and Yang
              = 6 × 9
6 is the six square faces of a Rubik’s Cube and 9 is the nine small squares per square face.

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