21 pips in a die are 21 palm kernels (ikin) in Ifa.

Ifa is a 4×4×4 magic cube transformed into a hexadecimal computing system of divination in Yoruba culture and Yoruba religions. A square face of the 4×4×4 magic cube is comprised of sixteen sub-cubes called the sixteen principal Odu.

An Odu is a Rubik’s Cube, which means that the sixteen sub-cubes per square face are sixteen Rubik’s Cubes. Considering that Rubix is rubies, the number of rubies in a 3×3×3 magic square is multiplied by 64 in a 4×4×4 magic cube.

Rubik’s Cube is a hexagram whose six sides are the six square faces. The 64 I Ching hexagrams in the Classic of Changes are 64 Rubik’s Cube in a 4×4×4 magic cube.

In summary, Ifa is a base 16 numerical system encoded in sixteen binary numbers known as the sixteen principal Odu.

Ifa = I + F + A
      = 9 + 6 + 1
      = 16

Ifa priests play games by throwing Ifa beads on a game board called Opon Ifa divination tray. Patterns formed by the beads are used to construct the Odu from where Ifa readings are derived.

When converted from Ifa codes to binary digits, the sixteen principal Odu are oyeku (0000), okanran  (0001), oturupon  (0010), iwonrin  (0011), ika  (0100), ofun  (0101), iwori  (0110), osa  (0111), obara  (1000), odi  (1001), ose  (1010), otura  (1011), irosun  (1100), irete  (1101), ogunda  (1110), and ogbe (1111).

When converted from base 2 to base 10, the sixteen principal Odu are sixteen Rubik’s Cubes numbered 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15.

Since a Rubik’s Cube is 69, each of the sixteen Odu is a unit of tao. The 4x4x4 cube game is 64 tao.

Tao is chi (20), the twenty minimum number of turns required to solve a Rubik’s Cube puzzle using the half turn or face turn metric system.

Tao (69) = Yin and Yang
                = 6 and 9
                = 6 × 9
                = 54 (Rubik’s Cube)

54 = 5 and 4

= 5 × 4
      = 20 (chi)

Which means that the 64 cubes or hexagrams are life force multiplied by 64. Rubix cube (Rubik’s Cube) is Rubies cube.

Ifa is Yoruba feng shui in which Rubix cube is chi (20) life force attracting progress, prosperity and good luck. Wherever there is high circulation of chi there is influx of money. This explains why people believe that Ifa priests could make them wealthy. Real money comes from solving Ifa puzzle (the mystery of Ifa) in cyberspace.


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