Qi (also ki or chi), the life force in Chinese medicine and philosophy, is God’s number 26 discovered by two researchers at Ohio Supercomputing Center. They discovered that in quarter turn metric twenty six minimum  number of turns are required to solve Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

Qi = Q + I
     = 17 + 9
     = 26

Life is digital data in which chi is digits and qi is data. All words are products of the twenty six letters of the alphabet and all numbers are products of the ten decimals. Chi is the ten decimals and qi is the 26 letters.

Chi = Ten Decimals
       = 45
       = 4 and 5
       = 4 × 5
       = 20

Since qi is the alphabet and chi is the numerals, qi and chi are alphanumeric.

Qi = 26
     = Alphabet

Chi = 20
       = Numerals

Life = Qi + Chi
        = 26 + 20
        = Alphabet + Numerals
        = Alphanumeric

Numerology, the study of numerical values of letters and words, is the study of the vital force known as qi or chi in Chinese culture.

Rubik’s Cube is the life, which means that numerology is the study of Rubik’s Cube. It also means that Rubik’s Cube is alphanumeric. As alphabet, Rubik’s Cube is qi. As numbers, Rubik’s Cube is chi.

Since numbers are digits and letters are data, Rubik’s Cube is digital data. It also means that qi and chi are digital data.

69mememath is Rubik’s Cube and the information contained in the website is qi or chi uploaded to cyberspace.

Tao is now a physical website. And life (chi or qi) is now digital data. Reading the contents of this blog is downloading life from cyberspace. Life is information flowing to the fans, subscribers and followers of 69mememath.

Where there is life, there is progress, good luck, prosperity, success, healing, longevity, peace, love and happiness.

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