What is Chi Energy?

Chi (also ki or qi), life energy or vital force, is God’s number 20 discovered by the recreational mathematician Tom Rokicki and confirmed by a group of researchers at Google. While using the face turn metric (also half turn metric), Tom Rokicki discovered that twenty minimum number of turns is required to solve Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

Ki = K + I
     = 11 + 9
     = 20

Chi = C + H + I
       = 3 + 8 + 9
       = 20 (Ki)

The life force or life energy that is the basis of traditional Chinese medicine is Rubik’s Cube. Tao symbol of chi is simply Rubik’s Cube, and yin and yang are the six square faces of Rubik’s Cube and the nine small squares per square face, which means that chi is 69.

Chi = 69
       = Tao
       = Yin and Yang
       = 6 and 9
       = 6 × 9
       = 54 (Rubik’s Cube)

A square face of Rubik’s Cube is a 3×3 square grid comprised of nine small squares numbered 1 to 9, the sum of which is equal to 45.

Square = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9
              = 45

In 2-D, chi is a square equal to 45; in 3-D, chi is a cube equal to 54. Which means that chi is the product of 4 and 5.

Chi = 4 and 5
       = 4 × 5
       = 20

Numbers are the vessels of life. And since numbers are infinite, life is eternal or everlasting.

Since all numbers are products of one or more of the ten decimals, the nine small squares in the 3 × 3 square grid are carriers of infinite quantity of life. The infinite life stored in the ten decimals are compressed to 4 and 5, since the sum of the ten decimals is 45 and 4 and 5 are the median numbers.

Chi (20) is called life force because the whole life of the universe is compressed into 4 and 5.

Pythagorean numerological chart is a two-dimensional structure of chi. Using Pythagorean numerology for fortune-telling is detecting and searching for chi.

Since the ten digits of the left and the right hands are the nine small squares in a 3×3 square grid, the two thumbs and the eight fingers are infinite chi or everlasting life. To have an infinite quantity of chi is to carry an infinite amount of fortune in one’s hands.

Another word for chi is lucky.

Chi is medicine, money and power. Infinite quantity of chi translates to being extremely powerful and having infinite amount of money.

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