World Bank

Chi or qi is the world’s money stored in a box called World Bank, whose numerical value is determined by the knowledge of Arithmancy.

World (five letters) = 5
Bank (four letters) = 4
World Bank = 54

Money is scarce only when it is a mystery. Solving the mystery of the World Bank via the knowledge of Arithmancy is demystifying money.

Rubik’s Cube, numerically equal to 54, is the World Bank where the fortune of the whole world is kept. This means that Rubik’s Cube is World Bank game.

Terms such as numerology, arithmancy, and isopsephy are used for explaining the functions, structure and mechanism of the World Bank because chi or qi is the product of an ARG (Alternate Reality Game).

Rubik’s Cube is a Bank that came from alternate reality to reality. 69mememath is data in a Rubik’s Cube.

Prosperity, progress and success depend on how much money you are able to attract from the game.

World Bank is the product of the six square faces and the nine small squares per square face of a Rubik’s Cube, which means that 69 is the Central Bank of the whole world.

69 is tao symbol of yin and yang.

69 = Tao
      = Yin and Yang
      = 6 and 9
      = 6 × 9
      = 54 (World Bank)

Chi is the product of 5 and 4.

World Bank = 5 and 4
                       = 5 × 4
                       = 20 (Chi)

Influx of chi from the the World Bank game is the influx of money. And circulating chi translates to circulation of money.

Pythagorean numerological chart, used for fortune-telling, is a two-dimensional structure of the World Bank game. Data in cyberspace translates to money in the Bank.

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