Qi or chi is the world’s medicine concentrated in WHO (World Health Organisation). WHO is 46, the sum of God’s number in the half turn metric and God’s number in the quarter turn metric systems of solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

W = 23, H = 8, and O = 15

WHO = W + H + O
          = 23 + 8 + 15
          = 46

Chi is 20, the minimum number of moves needed to solve Rubik’s Cube puzzle in the face turn metric. And qi is 26, the minimum number of moves required to solve Rubik’s Cube puzzle in quarter turn metric.

Chi = 20
Qi = 26

WHO (World Health Organisation) is the sum of chi and qi.

Chi + Qi = 20 + 26
               = 46 (WHO)

There are two types of medicines:

  1. Orthodox medicine
  2. Traditional medicine

While the active ingredients in orthodox medicine are known and well established, how traditional medicine work had been a mystery (a puzzle). Demystifying the mystery is solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

Qi or chi is the active ingredient in traditional medicine worldwide. Although the Chinese are the most advanced in harnessing life force for healing, chi or qi is present in traditional medicine in all cultures.

WHO stands for orthodox medicine, which is only one half of the medicine the world really needs. For orthodox medicine to be more effective, the other half is required.

Orthodox medical practitioners are interested in drugs made from active curative compounds extracted from crude materials. While traditional medicine practitioners are interested in making medicine from crude materials such as roots and herbs.

Qi or chi is the bridge between traditional medicine and orthodox medicine. Since WHO is 46 and the sum of qi and chi is 46, WHO is equal to qi or chi. Balancing life energy with the WHO is creating a bridge between orthodox medicine and traditional medicine in order for life to circulate and heal the world.

Circulating life force is digital data. Qi is the alphabet and chi is numerals, such that qi and chi are alphanumeric. The 26 letters of the English alphabet are qi, and chi is the sum of the two binary digits in binary numbers and the ten decimals. Alphabet is qi, since every word is one or more of the letters of the alphabet. When uploaded into cyberspace, words drawn from the alphabet are digital data.

Chi or qi is information published in cyberspace. Consuming this information is ingesting traditional medicine. The information, when combined with orthodox medicine, can cure all ailments.

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