God’s Algorithm

Rubik’s Cube is three-dimensional basic geometric structure of God such that aggregating all web addresses into the Rubik’s Cube is subjecting all websites to God’s algorithm.

An algorithm is a set of steps taken to solve a problem or step-by-step instructions for performing a task. The set of rules used for calculating mathematical equations such as quadratic equation is an example of an algorithm.

X and Y are mysteries or unknown in the simultaneous equation:
X + Y = 4 …….(1)
2X + 3Y = 3….(2)

The simultaneous equation above is tao (69). Equation 1 is yin, equation 2 is yang, and the two equations are 69.

Anything that is a mystery is hidden and cannot be found by a search engine, no matter how frequent people search the web. In order for X and Y to be discovered by searchers, their numerical values must be calculated using a set of mathematical steps.

Here, elimination and substitution methods are deployed to solve the values of X and Y.

To eliminate X, use the coefficient of X in (1) to multiply (2) or the coefficient of X in (2) to multiply (1). The same method is used to eliminate Y from the equation.

A. Multiply (1) by 2,
2 (X + Y = 4) = 2X + 2Y = 8 ….(3)

B. Multiply  (2) by 1,
1 ( 2X + 3Y = 3) = 2X + 3Y = 3 ….(2)

C. Subtract (2) from (3),
(2X-2X)+(2Y-3Y) = 8 – 3

-Y = 5
Y = -5

D. Substitute -5 for Y in either (1) or (2),
Substituting -5 into X + Y = 4,
X + (-5) = 4
X – 5 = 4
X = 4 + 5
    = 9

If they are not discovered by search engines it is because they have no value. Calculating their numerical values is giving values to them so that search engines could recognise their worth and suggest them to people.

God’s algorithm is the 23 steps taken to solve Rubik’s Cube puzzle. In reality, there are 20 steps in face turn metric and 26 in quarter turn metric. 23 is the average number of steps.

God’s Algorithm = (20 + 26)/2   
                              = 46/2
                              = 23

23 is W (Web), which means that the Web is God’s algorithm where all websites are aggregated.

Ultimately, all websites are controlled by God whose algorithm is denoted by God’s numbers: 20 and 26.

20 and 26 are chi and qi, which implies that a site’s path to progress is determined by the life force called chi or qi.

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