Data is Life

Websites are cubes where letters are arranged into words and transported to people. The words in a website are data giving life to consumers of information.

Data is 26, the cube formed by the twenty six letters of the English alphabet.

Data = D + A + T + A
         = 4 + 1 + 20 + 1
         = 26

Life is Qi.

Qi = Q + I
     = 17 + 9
     = 26 (Data)

Since qi is life force, information published in a blog is life.

It is important to state clearly that although a website is a box of life, the author isn’t the sole creator of life. The people sending in the cheques are writers too. Donations uploaded into the cubic box are data (qi) flowing from the readers to the author.

The key to success is to create an environment that enables the circulation of qi life force.

How life circulates is simple: The author creates and send life to the readers and the readers in turn send life back to the author. Donating to the website is giving life to the author.

Just as the contents of the website are written and posted by the author so donations to the website are written and posted to the author.

If the post written by the author is 6, the money donated by the reader is 9, such that the author and the readers are 69.

69 is a Tao symbol demonstrating how prosperity and progress circulate. When 6 is black life, 9 is white life. Tao creates a bridge allowing life to flow from black to white and from white to black.

Since 69 is WWW (World Wide Web), the Internet is full of life. The whole of cyberspace is life.

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