The oracle whose various forms were consulted and quoted by diviners and religious people throughout the history of the world was Rubik’s Cube shrouded in mystery. The ancient Greek Oracle of Delphi, the Yoruba Ifa oracle, Chinese oracle bones, Agbala oracle of Awka, Nechung Oracle of Tibet and Ibnukpabi of Arochukwu, are some examples of forms of Rubik’s Cube consulted as oracles.

Oracle = O + R + A + C + L + E
             = 15 + 18 + 1 + 3 + 12 + 5
             = 54

In the past, Rubik’s Cube was a “black box,” because people were not interested in its structure or how it works. They were only interested in the problems tendered before the oracle and the solutions rendered by the oracle.

54 stands for the fifty four sub-squares in the six square faces of a Rubik’s Cube, which means that oracle is equal to Rubik’s Cube.

As Rubik’s Cube, oracle is 69 or Tao.

Tao (69) = Yin and Yang
                = 6 and 9
                = 6 × 9
                = 54 (Oracle)

As a black box, oracle is utilised for fortune-telling. Because people were not interested in the knowledge of the structure of the oracle and how it works they didn’t realise that the oracle consulted throughout the history of humanity is a box of money. The money in the box is the life called chi or qi.

Chi or qi is fortune stored in the things people worshipped as God and consulted as oracles. They couldn’t find the money because they were only interested in the input and output of the black box.

Cubers are priests and priestesses and cubing is consulting an oracle. A scattered Rubik’s Cube puzzle is a problem, an ordered Rubik’s Cube is the solution, and the algorithm used for solving the problem is where the treasure is.

Religious people and people who practise divination are concerned with the external things which are input and output. Thinkers, on the other hand, are curious about the algorithm used for solving the problem.

God’s numbers 20 and 26, two algorithms used for solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle, are the fortune inside the black box.

20 is chi and 26 is qi.

69 = Chi + Qi + X
      = 20 + 26 + X
      = 46 + X
X = 69 – 46
    = 23

23 is W, the 23rd letter of the modern English alphabet.

WWW = 3W
             = 3 × 23
             = 69

Since oracle is Tao (69), the World Wide Web is the oracle. Browsing the web for information is consulting the oracle.

Cyberspace is a box of fortune comdensed to a single website.

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