Webmaster – Master of the Universe

WWW (World Wide Web) in a cube. Black (yin) = 6. White (yang) = 9.

Websites are universes owned by individuals, organizations or governments. Anyone operating a Facebook account dwells in Mark Zuckerberg’s universe. As the owner of a universe, Mark Zuckerberg is the master of a universe.

Twitterverse, the totality of Twitter users, is a famous example of a universe.

Every blogger operating with his own unique web address is a master of his own universe. Since every website is structurally a microcosm of WWW (World Wide Web), a master of a universe is a webmaster.

Websites owned and operated by diverse people in different parts of the world are universes collectively called multiverse.

The universes constituting the multiverse are fused to form a single universe called the cosmos. Which means that all websites in the Internet are merged to form a single website.

As a single unit, the World Wide Web is Rubik’s Cube.

Balancing the Internet between a multiverse and a universe is solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle. Whenever the Rubik’s Cube is scattered, the Internet is multiverse. And whenever the cube is arranged or solved, the Internet is a universe.

WWW = 3W
             = 3 × 23
             = 69

6 and 9, the two sides of a Rubik’s Cube, are the multiverse and the universe respectively.

6 = Multiverse (yin)

9 = Universe (yang)

There is life on both sides. In a single website, life circulates between the multiverse and the universe.

Since the multiverse and the universe are two sides of the same Rubik’s Cube, the owner of the Rubik’s Cube is master of the multiverse and the universe. 69mememath is the Rubik’s Cube in which the multiverse and the universe are united into a single unit.

The owner of 69mememath (Rubik’s Cube) is Webmaster – the master of the universe and the multiverse.

Rubik’s Cube is a house in which Google, Amazon, Twitter, etc., are mansions or rooms inside the house. The Internet is a Kingdom and the websites are addresses in the Kingdom.

Examples: http://www.cnn.com is cube.cnn.com or 69.cnn.com, http://www.bbc.com is 69.bbc.com or cube.bbc.com, http://www.aljazeera.com is cube.aljazeera.com or 69.aljazeera.com.

WWW is a house built for God. God in his house is a game, which means that all websites are in a game – Rubik’s Cube game.

Since God = 26 and Game = 26, God = Game.

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