Free Thought

Birds make their nests in the branches of the tree.

Freethought upholds that belief should be based on empirical observation, reasoning, application of logic, and subjecting things to rational scrutiny.

A freethinker is someone whose thought process is liberated from limiting powers of dogmatic traditions, religions, cultures and authorities.

The body of evolution of human thought process is a tree whose root and shoot are yin and yang. The tree is Rubik’s Cube in which the root and the shoot are 6 and 9.

A careful examination of cubing reveals that cubers are weavers weaving nests. Apart from cubers using the hands to weave physical Rubik’s Cube, there are other cubers using their brains to weave. This second group of weavers are web creators constructing the World Wide Web.

Web creators are freethinkers building nests on top of a tree called cyberspace. The root and the shoot of the tree are 0 and 1, the two digits in binary numbers.

A website dedicated to solving problems or mysteries is Rubik’s  Cube, and the cube is a nest on the branch of a tree, which makes the content creator a bird.

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