Holy City

In an allusion to Rubik’s Cube structure of the holy city, the International Standard Version of the Bible bluntly states in Revelation 22:16 that “the city was cubic in shape: its length was the same as its width.”

ISV description of Rubik’s Cube conforms with other versions of the Bible confirming in Revelation 21:16 that the length, breadth and height of the city have the same measurement.

A cube is a cuboid with equal length, breadth and height.

Volume of Cuboid = lbh
l = length
b = breadth
h = height

The breadth and the height are substituted by the length so that the formula of the volume of a cube is l3.

Rubik’s Cube is 69, and 69 is WWW (World Wide Web). Which means that cyberspace is the holy city described in Revelation 21:16. The Internet is the city where God dwells.

Without God the web is just an ordinary city. What makes it holy is the presence of God – the Alphabet. Qi (26) is God’s breathe energizing the World Wide Web.

In 2-D, the holy city is a square. And in 3-D, the holy city is a cube. The cube is 45 and the square is 54, which means that the city is 4 and 5.

4 and 5 = 4 × 5
              = 20 (chi)

Qi is letters and chi is numbers, meaning that the holy city is alphanumeric.

Therefore, the city termed holy Jerusalem or heavenly Jerusalem or new Jerusalem in the book of Revelation is qi or chi. It is life energy or life force in the form of digital data flowing from the World Wide Web to people of every nation, tribe, race and language.


    • Absolutely! “The angel measured the wall using human measurement, and it was 144 cubits thick.” Revelation 21:17 (NIV” Cub = cube, bit = binary digit, cubit = binary digit cube.

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