Two-dimensional Structure of the Holy City

Square-shaped life energy

In the Bible, Rubik’s Cube is described as a cube and a square. In reference to the two-dimensional structure of Rubik’s Cube, Revelation 21:16 states that the holy city is laid out like a square, as long as it was wide.

Long = Length
Wide = Breadth

A square is a rectangle having equal length and breadth.

In a rectangle,
A = lb
Where A = Area, l = length, and b = breadth

Since length and breadth are equal in a square, either l is substituted by b or b is substituted by l in the formula of the area of a square.

Area of Square = l2
                            = b2

The square described in Revelation 21:16 is the 3×3 square grid housing the twenty six letters of the alphabet. In modern Western Numerology, the square is pythagorean numerological chart. And in ancient Chinese mathematics and divination, the holy city is lo shu square.

It is important to consult several versions of the Bible to get the full picture of the holy city.


  1. GNT says “the city was perfectly square.”
  2. KJV says “the city lieth foursquare.”
  3. AMPC says “the city lies in a square.”

What is a perfect square?

In mathematics, a perfect square is the product formed when an integer is multiplied by itself. For example, 4 = 2 × 2 = 22.

All square grids are perfect squares. The perfect square described in Revelation 21:16 is a 3×3 square grid.

3 × 3 = 32 = 9

Which implies that Pythagorean numerological chart and lo shu square are perfect squares. It also means that the nine worlds in Norse cosmology and the Nine Halls diagram are perfect squares.

9 stands for the nine small squares in a square surface of Rubik’s Cube. Numerically, the nine small squares are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

In 2-D, the holy city is 45 – the sum of the nine numbers listed above. The square is a two-dimensional structure of life, since 4 and 5 are chi (20).

How is a 3×3 square grid a foursquare? A careful examination of the 3×3 square grid revealed that the square is in reality a point of intersection of a cross and a transverse cross. A cross is an addition sign (+) and a transverse cross is a multiplication sign (×).

The four squares forming a cross with the central square are a plus sign dividing the 3×3 square grid into four squares. And the four small squares forming a multiplication sign with the central square are the foursquare.

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