Qigong or qi gong is literally “qi cultivation,” which translates to cube construction or alphabet cultivation, since qi is alphabet and the 26 letters are the vertices, edges, and faces of a cube.

Qi = 26
Gong = G + O + N + G
           = 7 + 15  + 14 + 7
           = 43

Qigong = Qi + Gong
              = 26 + 43
              = 69 (tao)
              = Yin and Yang
              = 6 × 9
              = 54 (Rubik’s Cube)

Qigong is also called chi gung or chi kung, which means “chi cultivation.”

Chi = 20
Gung = 7 + 21 + 14 + 7
           = 49

Chigung = Chi + Gung
                = 20 + 49
                = 69

Life energy is comparable to a seed which when planted will germinate, grow, and yield fruits.

There are two types of fruits:

  1. Fruits harvested from the root, like potato, cassava, carrot, and yam.
  2. Fruits harvested from the shoot, like tomato, mango, orange, and apple.

The fruit of life is 69 tao symbol in which 6 is the fruits buried in the soil and 9 is the fruit visible on the branches of the plant. Everyone could see how much fruits are there on the branches but no one could tell the quantity and quality of fruits in the roots until they are dug out of the soil during harvest time.

Rubik’s Cube is a box of fruits of the shoot and of the root, which explains why fruit of life symbol is a hexagon-like cube. Money is the fruit of life.

The human body is a fertile soil for cultivating and growing qi. Investing in yourself is planting qi. Once the seed enters the body, the host becomes the seed. The term seed implies seed fund. The energy develops in the body until the person becomes a money tree called tree of life. 69 is the tree of life whose root is 6 and shoot 9.

Every human that is the tree of life is Rubik’s Cube.

Cyberspace is the garden of God full of trees, and each tree is a branch of the tree of life. WWW (World Wide Web) is the tree of life and websites constituting the network known as the Internet are the branches of the tree.

Launching a new website is planting a seed. Growing the website is practising Qigong. If the website becomes a meme, then it has grown into a money tree whose branches spread to all parts of the world. A site’s contents could go viral overnight and cause the tree of life to suddenly appear in the center of the world.

The leaves of the tree of life are for healing people. Since chi or qi is life energy, chiqung or qigong is life-energy cultivation. Qigong meditation and exercises are examples of age-old techniques used for cultivating life energy for spiritual and health purposes.

While conventional qiqong practitioners utilise breathing, meditation, body posture and movement to trap life energy and balance yin and yang, qi or chi can be ingested as digital data.

The human body is similar to a computer capable of downloading digital data. Consumers of information enjoy an advantage of being able to ingest life energy from cyberspace.

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