The end is signified by 45 holding a five-pointed star wand in a pangram – a sentence containing all the letters of the English alphabet. It is difficult to differentiate between the pangram and the alphabet because they are two sides of a single coin. Alphabet is the head of the coin and the pangram is the tail.

God is a game in which there are winners and losers. He is called Alpha and the Omega because he carries along the losers and the winners.

People who are far behind see the tail and follow it wherever it goes thinking that that is all there is.

Alpha is the win (head). Pangrams is the Omega (lose or tail).

Win = W + I + N
         = 23 + 9 + 14
        = 46

Win is life.

Win = 46
         = 26 + 20
        = Qi + Chi
         = Life

All who bet on the Alpha are the alphabet. As the alphabet, they are the living in the holy city. They wrote their names in the book of life by betting on the Alpha.

The fate of the losers is summed up by the most famous English pangram.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Omega is an eternal cycle of competition or contest between two opposite words, ideas, and things. People who are behind are caught up in the cycle of differences between people and things.

Dividing people and creating competing colours will always lose because they belong to the tail, not the head.

Diviners and religious people who were far ahead in the race to God entered the pangram and thought they have made it to the Alphabet.

45 holding a five-pointed star wand is the scatter. And 46 is the repair. Solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle is advancing from scattering to repair.

Rubik’s Cube had supernatural and natural identities. When scattered it is a mystery believed to have magical powers, which is the reason it is called a 3×3×3 magic cube.

The 3×3 magic square in the magic cube is the 45. Each small square in the magic square is a five-pointed star numerically equal to 5. The magic square and the small square are the 45 holding a five-pointed star wand.

3×3×3 magic cube is Rubik’s Cube in the state of alternate reality – the abode of diviners and religious people seeking supernatural powers or magical properties of divinity.

Beyond alternate reality is reality. Alternate reality is the end, the Omega, and the tail. And reality is the beginning, the Alpha, and the head.

Demystifying the mystery of magic cubes and magic squares is solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle and converting alternate reality to reality. Education is the reality.

Pangram is alternate reality in which there is an alternate reality star holding a magic wand. Alphabet is the reality where magic squares and magic cubes are puzzles in educational game.

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