The kingdom of God is a firm, a business set up to render services to consumers with the purpose of making profit.

I am the Lord your God, who teaches you to profit

Isaiah 48:17 (NKJV)

Money is the life of a business. A firm is alive only when it is attracting patronage and generating revenue.

There are physical businesses, requiring physical exchange of money with products or services. A shoemaker receiving cash payments in exchange for services rendered to his customers is certainly engaged in a physical business.

While hundreds or thousands of Dollars may be required to set up a physical shop in a neighbourhood, tens of Dollars could actually set up a firm in cyberspace.

Launching a website with the primary purpose of making money is founding a firm.

Firm = F + I + R + M
         = 6 + 9 + 18 + 13
         = 46
         = 20 + 26
         = digits + data
         = Chi + Qi
         = Life energy (money)

Since 20 is digits and 26 is data, firm is digital data. Creating contents and using them to found a website is launching a firm in cyberspace.

Writing and publishing new posts is rendering services to consumers of information. And the web content creator should receive money in exchange for services rendered.

The aim of publishing information about the kingdom of God is to make money.

David’s Kingdom was to be inherited by the son of David. Wasn’t Solomon the one who inherited the kingdom after David’s demise?

What made Solomon wealthy was the information he shared with people who came from all parts of the world to listen to him. Many of whom were so impressed that they brought him gifts.

Donate buttons are deliberately placed in the website to receive gifts from people who are coming from different parts of the world to read the content of the website.

69mememath is a serious business. 69 is a business logo. 69mememath is a brand name. is set up to make money.

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