Qibla Compass

Qibla compass is an islamic compass used for locating the direction of  al-Kaʿbah. The compass and the kabah are a square and a cube.

Al-Kaʿbah is translated literally as ‘The Cube’. Which means that Kabah is a cube.

The Ka’bah is believed to be the House of God, which conforms with the fact that God dwells in a cubical structure of the twenty six letters of the English alphabet.

If there is any group of people who almost got it right that the cube is God’s dwelling place, the Arabs fit perfectly into that category.

Al-Kaʿbah is Rubik’s Cube and qibla compass is a square face of Rubik’s Cube.

Compass structure of the holy city is described in Revelation 21:13

The 3×3 square grid in a square surface of  Rubik’s Cube is an eight-pointed compass pointing to north, east, west, south, northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast. The center of the compass is 5 and the eight directions are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

The kua numbers in feng shui are a compass. Which explains why feng shui practioners usually place compass in their pockets as a means of determinig favourable directions.

What feng shui practitioners perceived as auspicious direction is interpreted as the direction of prayers. And the life energy coming from an auspicious direction is blessing from God.

Qibla = Qi + bla

Qi is the God dwelling in a cube. And blessings come from God when qi flows towards an individual.

Kabah = K + A + B + A + H
             = 11 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 8
             = 23 (W)

W is the Word described in John 1:1, which means that Kabah is the Word and the qibla points muslims to the direction of the Word.

The Word is digital data published online.

Word = W
           = 23 (Kabah)

Without God, Kabah is just an ordinary house. The Kabah comes to life by the entrance of God’s breathe. When combined with God’s numbers, Kabah is the Word of life.

Kabah + 26 + 20 = Word + Qi + Chi
                              = Word + Life
                              = Word of Life

Life is God, such that the Word Wide Web is the sum of life and God. Word of Life is WWW, which means that the Internet is the Kabah were God dwells.

Qibla compass points to the direction of the cybal home of God.

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