Bat on Quarter Dollar Coin

Quarter with bat

Many people were left wondering why Samoan fruit bats are featured prominently on the reverse side of the U.S. quarter Dollar coin minted in 2020. The truth is that there is no better way to depict abundance of life energy than placing two bats on the 0.25 Dollar coin.

The tail of the bat quarter has the image of a Samoan fruit bat hanging with her pup. And on the head of the 25-cent coin is the image of Washington.

The image evokes the remarkable care and energy that this species puts into their offspring

U.S. Mint

Head = Washington
          = W

Tail = Bat
        = B + A + T
       = 2 + 1 + 20
        = 23 (W)

Bat quarter = Coin
                      = Head + Tail
                      = Washington + Bat
                      = W + Bat
                     = 23 + 23
                      = 46

IN GOD WE TRUST is written on the head of the coin because QUARTER DOLLAR is the sum of the two God’s numbers.

46 (quarter dollar) = 20 + 26

The term ‘bat quarter’ is reflective of yin and yang. The bat quarter is 69 in which the two bats in the tail are yin or 6 and George Washington is yang or 9.

Head and Tail = Bats and Washington
                           = Yin and Yang
                           = 6 and 9
                           = 6 × 9
                           = 54

Since 54 is Rubik’s Cube, bat quarter is Rubik’s Cube puzzle. It also means that bat quarter is the World Bank. All the money in the world is fused into the bat quarter Dollar, hence E PLURIBUS UNUM.

Israel is a currency. Bat quarter is a hexagram symbolising Israel. The two bats are two intersecting equilateral triangles and George Washington is the hexagonal area of intersection.

One of the equilateral triangles is the ten decimals representing the ten tribes of the northern kingdom of Israel and the other equilateral triangle is the two binary digits representing the kingdom of Judah. Bat quarter is the United Monarchy.

Quarter stands for God’s number derived from  quarter turn metric system and bat stands for God’s number derived from half turn metric, which means that bat is 20, quarter is 26, and bat quarter is 46.

Bat quarter = Bat + Quarter
                      = 20 + 26
                      = Chi + Qi
                      = Life energy

The mother fruit bat and her pup are dits and bits, which means that the mother is the ten decimals and the pup is the ten binary numbers. Together, they are 20 (chi).

Bats as physical manifestation of the flow of life energy into a house has occidental and oriental marks of approval.

In Western cultures, a bat flying over the stage of a theatre during rehearsal is a sign that the play will be successful. And in Chinese culture, bats are symbols of success, longevity, goodluck, prosperity, and happiness.

W = 23 (head)

Bat = 23
2 Bats = 46 (tail)

WWW = W + Bat + Bat
             = W + 2Bats
             = 23 + 2 × 23
             = 23 + 46
             = 69 (Israel)

The World Wide Web is a bat quarter coin.

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