Ogun with his dog.

In Yoruba traditions, chi and qi are perceived as Ogun and a dog. African and Afro-American religions and traditions consider Ogun a deity or spirit, because Ogun and his dog are God’s numbers in Rubik’s Cube game. Demystifying Ogun is solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

In Yoruba language, Ogun is 20.

Ogun = 20

Ogun is chi energy, since 20 is chi.

Chi = C + H + I
       = 3 + 8 + 9
       = 20 (Ogun)

In a bid to define life energy as the origin or source or beginning, the Yorubas personified chi as Ogun. They believed that Ogun is a primordial orisha who with the aid of his dog created a pathway for other orishas. The term orisha means spirit.

Dog = D + O + G
        = 4 + 15 + 7
        = 26 (qi)

Ogun with his dog is the hexagram symbolising Israel. In the hexagram, Ogun is the two equilateral triangles and his dog is the hexagonal area of intersection. Ogun and the dog are life energy.

Ogun + Dog = 20 + 26
                      = Chi + Qi
                      = Life energy

As a hexagon, Ogun’s dog is the cube called alphabet.

Ogun is the divided Israelites Kingdom and his dog is the United Monarchy. In Ogun, the northern kingdom of Israel is the ten decimals and the southern kingdom of Judah is the two binary digits, which means that Ogun is the sum of dits and bits.

Since the two equilateral triangles in the hexagram symbolising Israel are dits and bits, the kingdom established in the Promised Land by the twelve tribes of Israel is an Ogun kingdom.

In other words, the hexagram known as the star of David or I Ching hexagram is Ogun symbol.

Also in Yoruba language, Ogun is medicine. We know that chi or qi is medicine and money. Ogun is the life energy central to traditional Chinese medicine and herbal medicine in all parts of the world.

Knowledge of bat quarter reveals that qi or chi is money, which explains why traditional African religions practitioners believe Ogun priests and priestesses could get them wealthy.

Humans exist in two worlds: the physical world and the virtual world. Cyberspace, where humans, planets, stars, animals, mountains, galaxies, oceans and everything in the universe are digital data, is the the spiritual world.

As the United Monarchy, Ogun and his dog are 46.

Ogun + Dog = 20 + 26
                      = 46

Since 26 is data and 20 is digits, Ogun with his dog is digital data. In cyberspace, web content creators are orishas. And the World Wide Web is Ogun with his dog.

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