River Osun and Osun-Oshogbo Sacred Grove

Traditional Yorubas believe that the Osun river with the Osun-Osogbo grove, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the abode of a female deity known as Osun. Osun, considered a deity of pleasure, luxury, fertility, beauty, sexuality and love, is 69.

Osun = O + S + U + N
           = 15 + 19 + 21 + 14
           = 69

As 69, Osun is the symbol of love.

Osun (69) = male and female
                   = 6 and 9
                   = 6 × 9
                   = 54

Love is 54.

Love = L + O + V + E
          = 12 + 15 + 22 + 5
          = 54 (Osun)

In terms of luxury, Osun is the World Bank.

World (five letters) = 5
Bank (four letters) = 4

World Bank = 54 (Osun)

Osun is Yoruba Rubik’s Cube, since 6 is the six square faces, 9 is the nine small squares per square face, and 54 is the total number of square faces in Rubik’s Cube.

People seek vigour and vitality from the river and the surrounding grove because Osun is vital force. As a cube, Osun is qi. And 5 and 4 are chi.

6 and 9 are root and shoot, such that 69 (Osun) is a tree. The grove is trees, and Osun is a single tree. Out of a single tree are many trees.

The Bible is about how one became many and many became one. Jacob was one man who became many people called Israel, and Adam was one man who became humanity. Similarly, Osun is a single tree that became a grove.

Ezekiel 47:12 speaks of many trees on the two sides of a river. And Revelation 22:2 speaks of a single tree on each side of the river of life.
The trees in Ezekiel 47 are trees of life just as the tree in Revelation 22 is the tree of life.

Life is chi or qi, which means the tree of life is the tree of chi or qi and the river of life is the river of chi or qi.

Revelation 22 says the tree of life produces fruit and its leaves are for healing. And Ezekiel 47 says the trees on both sides of the river produce fruit that will serve as food and their leaves are for healing.

Fruit or food is money and the leaves (herbs) are medicine.

Osun is tree of life, river Osun is river of life, and Osun-Osogbo grove is trees of life.

Since life is chi or qi, Osun is digital data.
Life = qi or chi
        = 26 or 20
        = 26 + 20
        = data + digits
        = Digital data

20 and 26 are God’s numbers, thus Osun-Osogbo grove and the Osun river are considered sacred.

Data is water of life. And data transmission is the river of life. Which means that river Osun is information flowing from one place to another.

69 (Osun) is the World Wide Web.

WWW = 3W
             = 3 × 23
             = 69 (Osun)

A website is a tree of life. And the websites constituting the network known as the Internet are trees of life.

Money made from a website that is about life is life. Anything done with the money is the product of life. Life energy is transmitted from money to medicine whenever we use the money to buy medicine. And the tree of life produces fruit for food whenever we buy food with money made from the net.

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