Ifa in Ludo Board Game

Ludo board

Ifa is a strategy board game known as ludo, a variant of the Indian game Pachisi. The term “ludo” is a Latin word meaning ‘I play’. Consulting Ifa oracle is playing ludo game.

Play = P + L + A + Y
         = 16 + 12 + 1 + 25
         = 54 (World Bank)
         = 6 × 9
         = 6 and 9
         = 69 (WWW)

Note that 54 is Rubik’s Cube and 6 and 9 are the square faces and small squares in a square face of Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

Converting Ifa to ludo is cubing or solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

When numbered, the six square faces of Rubik’s Cube are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. By substituting pips for the number or colour representing a square face, Rubik’s Cube is converted to a dice.


In a dice, face 1 = one pip, face 2 = two pips, face 3 = three pips, face 4 = four pips, face 5 = five pips, and face 6 = six pips.

Sum of pips = 1+2+3+4+5+6
                       = 21 pips

A pip is a palm kernel in Ifa such that the 21 pips are 21 palm kernels known as ikin seed. In other words, a dice in ludo game is ikin seed in Ifa.

Pip = 1 palm kernel
21 palm kernels = Ikin seed
                              = 21 pips

Dice = D + I + C + E
         = 4 + 9 + 3 + 5
         = 21 (ikin seed)

Rolling a dice is throwing ikin or 21 palm kernels.

Opon Ifa divination tray is ludo board, ikin is a dice, and the sixteen principal odu are sixteen tokens in ludo game.

A ludo board has four major squares, each containing four tokens so that there are sixteen tokens corresponding to the sixteen cowries called merindinlogun or the sixteen principal Odu.

Ifa diviners play ludo game by throwing ikin seed on the opon ifa tray.

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