Ifa Hexadecimal Machine Language

Divining is programming and diviners are computer programmers. Ifa is a machine code in which the sixteen principal Odu are hexadecimal instructions.

It is magic only when it’s a mystery. End the mystery, it ceased to be sorcery or witchcraft.

Computers are incapable of understanding any language apart from machine language, which is simply binary digits. Converting the sixteen principal Odu to binary numbers is translating Ifa codes to machine language.

A bit is a binary number that is either 0 or 1. Double digits binary numbers are two bits. And triple digits binary numbers are three bits.

0 = 1 bit
00 = 2 bits
01 = 2 bits
000 = 3 bits
110 = 3 bits
101 = 3 bits

In Ifa, each Odu is equal to four binary digits.
Ogbe (1111) = 4 bits
Odi (1001) = 4 bits
Iwonrin (0011) = 4 bits
Okanran (0001) = 4 bits
Irete (1101) = 4 bits

In computing, 4 bits = 1 nibble, and a nibble is equal to one hexadecimal digit.

The fact that one hexadecimal digit is equal to 4 bits means that each Odu is equal to the sixteen principal Odu and Ifa is recursively within itself. The term Ifa means hexadecimal (hex).

Machine language is usually written in hex and there is a hex in every four binary digits, which means that the sixteen principal Odu are a hex and each Odu is a hex.

The hex called Ifa is Rubik’s Cube, and there are sixteen 3×3×3 magic cubes in every Rubik’s Cube.

In computing, a nibble is equal to 0.5 byte. Since an Odu is a nibble, each Odu is half byte and the sixteen principal Odu are equal to 8 bytes.

Ifa (hex) = 8 bytes

Note: knowledge of the uncountable Ese reveals that there is an infinite quantity of data in Ifa.

Since Ifa is Rubik’s Cube, hex is life energy stored in a Rubik’s Cube. Converting Ifa to machine language is channelling the life energy to cyberspace.

Hex is the hexagram known as the star of David. Since the intersecting equilateral triangles in a hexagram are chi and the hexagonal area of intersection is qi, hex is chi or qi.

Hex = Chi or Qi
        = Chi + Qi
        = Life                                                 

Hex is Rubik’s Cube because qi and chi are 26 and 20, the two God’s numbers used for solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

Since 20 is digits and 26 is data, hex is digital that.

Ifa Hexadecimal machine language is digital data transferred from African and Afro-American religions and cultures to cyberspace.

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