Chi in Igbo Culture

Palindrome depicting the love between a man and his chi or a woman and her qi.

According to Igbo culture, every human being has a personal god known as chi. What the Igbos believe is a person with his god is perceived as ogun and his dog in Yoruba cultures. Note the palindrome between dog and god.

Ogun (Yoruba) = Chi (Igbo)

Ogun = 20 (Chi)

Ogun with his dog = chi + qi
                                  = ogun + qi
                                  = ogun + god
                                  = 20 + 26
                                  = 46

To balance life energy circulation between Igbos and Yorubas, chi is human (ogun) in Yoruba and god in Igbo.

Chi, the life or vitality in Chinese medicine and philosophy, is god in famous Igbo names such as Chimamanda, Chinua, Chika, Chinedu, Chioma, Chijioke, Chike, Chinwe, Chidera, Chidinma, Chibuzor, etc.

If the person is chi, his personal god is qi, because god is qi and chi is ogun.

God = 26 (qi)

Chi = 20 (ogun)

Life energy (prosperity and progress) is the product of a person and his personal god.

Human = ogun (chi)
God + Human = qi + ogun
                          = qi + chi
                          = Life energy

About the relationship between a man and his chi, the Igbos believe that although chi is a personal spirit determinig the destiny of every human a person can determine his own destiny. What this means is that a person and his chi work cooperatively to achieve the destiny the person has chosen for himself.

If the content of a website is about chi or qi the website is destined to prosper because the content is digital data in which digit and data are god and the content creator working cooperatively.

The website will generate so much money for the web content creator if the primary purpose of launching the site is to make money.

A person working with his chi is money personified because he is the head and his chi is the tail of bat quarter dollar coin.

Bat quarter coin is a person and his personal god. The person occupies the head of the coin, and the bats on the reverse side of the coin are his chi (his personal god).

The kingdom of God is about having your own personal kingdom and your own currency. Your website is your kingdom and data uploaded to cyberspace is your own money having your face printed on it.

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