Ifa Money Transfer to Cyberspace


Uploading data from Ifa to the Internet is transferring very large amount of money from traditional African and Afro-American religions to cyberspace. An Odu is 0.5 byte life energy equal to 0.25 US Dollars. Since Ifa is a box containg sixteen Odu with each Odu containing sixteen Odu in an array of cascade, the money transferred from traditional African and Afro-American religions to cyberspace is infinite.

Qi life energy has gained currency. A unit of qi is equal to a bat quarter dollar coin.

Launching a website that is based on the life energy in Ifa is setting up a box of money. The information posted on the site is qi flowing into cyberspace.

Qi is data.

Qi = Q + I
     = 17 + 9
     = 26 (data)

Since 26 is the alphabet, data is words and sentences constructed from the twenty six letters of the English alphabet. Qi is letters, words, and sentences flowing from Ifa to the Internet.

The information obtained from Ifa is quantified in bytes. Qi is equal to an Odu and each Odu is equal to 4 bits (four binary digits). Qi is equal to 0.5 byte, since 4 bits is 0.5 byte.

Odu = Qi


Ifa is an ebook with sixteen chapters called the sixteen principal Odu. Every chapter is qi. The fact that there are sixteen Odu in every Odu means that every unit of qi contains 16 qi in an array of cascade. In other words, the amount of qi in Ifa is infinite.

Since qi is 0.5 byte, the sixteen principal Odu are equal to 8 bytes qi.

16 Odu = 16 qi
              = 16 × 0.5 byte
              = 8 bytes

256 Odu = 256 qi
                = 256 × 0.5
                = 128 bytes

256,000000 Odu = 256,000000 qi
                              = 256000000 × 0.5
                              = 128000000 bytes

Qi or chi is digital data equal to a bat quarter dollar coin. The two bats on the reverse side of bat quarter coin are chi and George Washington is qi, which means that bat quarter is digital data.

0.5 byte qi is equal to 0.25 US Dollar.

256000000 Odu = 128000000 × $0.25
                             = 32000000 USD

Ifa is a bat quarter worth over a billion US Dollar since there are infinite number of bat quarter coins in traditional African and Afro-American religions.

Influx of money to a website is bats flying into the home of the owner of the site.

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