Eli with the nine hours.

Jesus had a personal god when he walked on the Earth over two thousand years ago. Jesus was a human being and Eli was his personal god. Eli is 26, God’s number of the quarter turn metric.

Eli = E + L + I
     = 5 + 12 + 9
     = 26

Jesus attracted large crowds and people came from different places to listen to his teachings while Eli was with him. If he were a blogger his website would have initially attracted so many visitors and then suddenly shed all its visitors.

Eli is qi and qi is life energy attracting progress and prosperity. The more people attracted to a business the more success recorded by the business.

Qi = Q + I
     = 17 + 9
     = 26 (Eli)

Jesus didn’t know that his qi has left him until he suddenly realised that everyone has deserted him and he has been abandoned hanging on the cross.

Eli was the entity Jesus called ‘my god’.

My God  = Personal God
                = Eli (qi)

About the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” that is, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?

Matthew 27:46 NIV

Eli, Eli: Qi, Qi

Eli is a cube, since 26 is the sum of the edges, sides and vertices of a cube. And the nine hours are the nine small squares visible in a square face of Rubik’s Cube. Eli and the nine hours are 3-D and 2-D structures of the holy city.

In Yoruba religions, Jesus and Eli would be ogun and his dog.

Jesus = Ogun (20)

Eli = 26 (dog)

Since 20 is two intersecting equilateral triangles and 26 is the hexagonal area of intersection, Jesus and Eli are the hexagram known as the star of David.

Jesus and Eli are money. The equilateral triangles are the two bats on the reverse side of quarter dollar coin and the hexagon is George Washington on the obverse.

A coin has a head and a tail. The money is impossible if either the head or the tail is absent.

Since qi is progress and prosperity, to suffer and languish in poverty is to be abandoned by God.

Jesus was chi and the god whom he addressed as Eli was qi. Jesus and his qi are 20 and 26 respectively.

Jesus (person) = chi
God = qi
Jesus + God = Chi + Qi
                      = 20 + 26
                      = 46 (life energy)

The kingdom of God has always been information written by humans and distributed to people of different nations. The information the Christians identified as the Good News was the kingdom of God.

The God worshipped by the Christians is data. Jesus and God are digital data uploaded to cyberspace.

Jesus = Chi
          = Digits

God = Qi
        = Data

Jesus + God  = Chi + Qi
                       = Digits + Data
                       = Digital data

Money is the life. Money made from data published online is God and Jesus coming into our homes.

Rising from poverty to riches is the resurrection.

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