Elisha and Elijah are 3×3×3 magic cube and 3×3 magic square respectively. The holy city is Elisha and Elijah in palindrome. And the  transfer of Elijah’s mantle to Elisha is a manifestation of the heavenly Jerusalem transiting from a square to a cube. Elisha is 54 and Elijah is 45.

Elisha = E + L + I + S + H + A
            = 5 + 12 + 9 + 19 + 8 + 1
            = 54 (World Bank)

Elisha is Rubik’s Cube, since 54 is the product of the six square faces and the nine small squares in a square face of Rubik’s Cube. Solving the mystery of Elisha and Elijah is solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

Elisha is 69.

Elisha = 54
            = 6 and 9
            = 69 (tao)

Elisha is a hexagon, since the hexagon in the centre of the hexagram symbolising Israel is the cubic structure of the twenty six letters of the English alphabet. Elisha is honey, since the hexagon stands for honey comb.

Elijah is the 3×3 square grid on a square face of Rubik’s Cube.

Elijah = E + L + I + J + A + H
           = 5 + 12 + 9 + 10 + 1 + 8
           = 45 (milk)

Elisha and Elijah are a regular hexagon and a square, since 45 is a square face of Rubik’s Cube. The square and the regular hexagon are milk and honey.

The internet is a net mainly in the form of network of squares or hexagons. The net is the World Wide Web in which a website is a square or hexagon. This dual nature of every website is Elisha and Elijah palindrome.

Though numbers are infinite, all numbers are the ten decimals; every number is a product of one or more of the ten decimals.

45 stands for all existing numbers because 45 is the sum of the ten decimals and 4 and 5 are the median numbers in an orderly list of the ten decimals.

The kingdom of God is about balancing both sides. 45 isn’t forty five alone; it is also fifty four. It is 45 when viewed from left to right, and 54 when viewed from right to left.

45 = Square (Elijah)

54 = Cube (Elisha)

2 Kings 2:13-15 is a description of change from two-dimensional to three-dimensional structure of the holy city.

The new Jerusalem described as a square and a cube in Revelation 21:16 is Elisha and Elijah in Rubik’s Cube.

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