God in Palindrome

God is a cube, and God’s prophets are prophets of cube. The relationship between the numerical value of Elijah and Elisha, two of the most famous prophets of the cube, is that one reads from left to right and the other from right to left. If Elijah is a phrase written in Italian Elisha would be the same phrase written in Hebrew.

Italian words are written from left to right. And Hebrew words are written from right to left. God is neither Italian nor Hebrew but Italian and Hebrew.

God is a game and the game is Rubik’s Cube.

Game = G + A + M + E
            = 7 + 1 + 13 + 5
            = 26 (God)

God is all numbers compressed to 4 and 5. Numbers are the ten decimals summed up to 45. The small squares are numbered 1 to 9 so that the sum of small squares in a square face is 45 – Elijah.

Elijah and Elisha are a palindrome in 45. God is both sides, not one side. When viewed from left to right, 45 is Elijah. When viewed from right to left, 45 is Elisha.

Rubik’s Cube has 54 small squares on its six square faces. 54 is Elisha.

The reason why the Yorubas thought God was Ogun’s dog is because they were on the left side of the image of God.

God and dog are each balanced by chi.

When placed in front of a mirror, God is doG.

GodoG = Palindrome

There is 2020 in GodoG, because prosperity is 46 (God + 20) when viewed from left to right and 46 (20 + God) when viewed from right to left. Though the people reading and writing from left to right may think prosperity flowing from right to left is 64, prosperity is 46 on both sides. 20 is chi and 2020 is chichi. God is qi and 46 is qichi, which means GodoG is qichiqi or qichichiqi. GoddoG is Rubik’s Cube because qi and chi are 26 and 20, two God’s numbers used for solving Rubik’sCube puzzle.

East is the right side and West is the left side of God. Yorubas are occidental people and Igbos are oriental people. Reading from right to left is God coming from the East to the West; reading from left to right is God coming from the West to the East.

Since God is qi (26), reading from right to left and from left to right is circulating and balancing life energy between East and West. The outcome is mutual progress, prosperity and wellness between oriental and occidental people.

Elijah and Elisha are E and E.

Elijah = E
Elisha = E
E = 5

5 is the five digits (a thumb and four fingers), such that the two prophets are the left and the right hands joined together.

Elijah + Elisha = E + E
                           = 5 + 5
                           = 10

One hand can’t adequately wash itself clean. By washing each other, the two hands are washed clean.

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