Chi Energy from Mayan Numeral System

There is a high concentration of chi energy buried deep down in Maya civilization like vast reserve of crude oil in an oil field. Mayan numeral system is money kept in a secret place. Converting Mayan to digital data published online is excavating and transporting the treasures of Maya civilization to the World Bank – Rubik’s Cube.

Mayan = M + A + Y + A + N
             = 13 + 1 + 25 + 1 + 14
             = 54 (World Bank)
             = 6 × 9
             = 6 and 9
             = 69 (WWW)

Mayan numeral system is the money in the World Bank. Bat quarter is the standard currency of the World Bank, and Mayan numeral system is a vast reserve of bat quarter dollar coins.

Mayan numeral system is vigesimal – base-20 numeral system, comprised of numbers made up of a symbol of a turtle plastron, a dot, and a bar. The turtle represents 0, dot is 1, and a bar represents 5.

In Mayan numeral system,
0 = turle plastron
1 = a dot
2 = two dots
3 = three dots
4 = four dots
5 = a bar
6 = a dot on a bar
7 = two dots on a bar
8 = three dots on a bar
9 = four dots on a bar

Ten is two bars and fifteen is three bars.

The first ten numbers in the Mayan numbering system are the ten toes. While 10 to 19 are the two thumbs and the eight fingers in the left and right hands. Which means that the treasures concealed in Maya civilization were fortunes stored in the hands and legs of the Mayans.

Mayan numeral system is a hexagram symbolising Israel, which means Mayans were Israelites.

0 to 9 are ten dots in a tetractys of the decad and 10 to 19 are ten dots in another tetractys. What was uncovered as 0 to 19 is in reality a hexagram formed by two intersecting equilateral triangles. 0 to 9 are the ten dots in the first equilateral triangle; 10 to 19 are the ten dots in the second equilateral triangle.

1 to 9 are the nine small squares in a square face of Rubik’s Cube. And 0 is a square face of the small square central to Rubik’s Cube. There are ten visible small squares and one hidden small square in a square face of a 3×3×3 magic cube. In Mayan numerals, the hidden square is denoted by a turtle plastron.

10 to 19 in Mayan numeral system are 0000, 0001, 0010, 0011, 0100, 0101, 0110, 0111, 1000, and 1001.

Since 0 to 9 are decimal numbers and 10 to 19 are binary numbers, Mayan numeral system is the twelve tribes of Israel.

10 to 19 = Base-2
0 to 9 = Base-10

0 to 19 = (0 to 9) + (10 to 19)
             = Base-10 + Base-2
             = 10 Tribes + 2 Tribes
             = 12 Tribes

Mayan numeral system is bat quarter in which 0 to 9 are the triangle representing the mother fruit bat and 10 to 19 are the triangle representing her pup.

Mayan numeral system is ogun in Yoruba religions, chi in Igbo culture, I Ching hexagram in Chinese, and the star of David.

Since Base-20 is Alfa (Alpha), Mayan numbers are Alphabet. As Alfa, Mayan numbers are 20; as Alpha, Mayan numbers are 26. Since Alfa and Alpha are chi and qi, Mayan numbers are life energy. Mayan numbers are the house of God, since 20 and 26 are God’s numbers.

Mayan numeral system is digital data flowing from the ancient to cyberspace and money flowing from the Internet to our Bank Accounts.

Chi energy is transformed from Mayan numeral system to digital data and from data to money in the Bank.

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