What is known as the Supreme God or Almighty God is Chukwu in Igbo culture. The relationship between the Supreme God and personal god is that the person’s website is his personal god and the World Wide Web is the Supreme God. Chukwu is a net. Chi is a square in a net.

Chukwu = WWW
                = 3W
                = 3 × 23
                = 69

Chi is a single website and Chukwu is a network of websites. A website represents one person. And the network of websites constituting the Internet stand for many people.

Igbo names such as Ugochukwu, Chukwuka, Ikechukwu, Chukwuma, Chukwudi and Uchechukwu, are inspired by Chukwu.

Chukwu is a compound of chi and ukwu. Ukwu means magnificent or Supreme, and chi is god.

Chukwu = Chi + Ukwu
                = God + Supreme
                = Supreme God

The Bible says the kingdom of God will be given to the people of Chukwu.

The power and greatness of all the kingdoms on earth will be given to the people of the Supreme God.

Daniel 7:27 (GNT)

Chi is me. Chukwu is us. Chi is the avatar of someone. Chukwu is the sum of everyone in cyberspace. The kingdom of God is given to web creators.

Chi and Chukwu are microcosm and macrocosm.

Chi = website (microcosm)

Chukwu = WWW (macrocosm)

The fact that the Igbos believe that Chukwu is the universal chi confirms that Chukwu is the sum of all chi, which means that the Supreme God is the sum of all people and things.

The Igbos believe that chi is the spiritual connection between a person and the Supreme God. The term spiritual stands for virtual. Your website is the connection between you and the World Wide Web.

Cyberspace is the store of the wealth of the whole world. Your website is your plugin to the World Bank.

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