Quick Cash Loan


Internet users in Nigeria using Google search engine to search for Kwikcash loan usually type “quick cash loan” into their browsers thus eliciting search results on how to get cash right now, immediate cash loan or where to borrow money instantly.

Kwikcash or Kwikmoney is now Migo. Rather than search for quick cash loan, simply type “Migo loan” into your browser and the search engine will return information on Migo financial institution offering instant loans to Nigerians.

People searching for Kwikcash code should change their query to “Migo loan code” or “Migo USSD code.”

Migo is a financial service offering loans in collaboration with mobile service operators and banks. Migo is available on Firstmobile (mobile App of First Bank of Nigeria plc) and the MTN mobile network.

Migo loan is a quick loan, as approval is fast and doesn’t require documentation. Loans are disbursed to customers bank accounts and are due at 15% ineterest fourteen days after disbursement.

Customers can apply for loans under 20,000 Naira to 500,000 Naira. To apply for Migo loan, use the Migo USSD code or visit the Migo website.

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