Carbon Loan App

Carbon loan app

Carbon app, launched by Carbon Finance and Investment Ltd, isn’t just an ordinary instant loan app but a digital bank offering customers the ability to transfer, deposit and withdraw money anywhere. They can also save money and earn interest on their savings. Carbon loan app on Google Play Store currently has over 86k reviews and 1M+ downloads.

With Carbon and other evolving financial apps, banking has taken a new, easy and convinient dimension. You can practically create a Carbon bank account from the comfort of your home and apply for loan without collateral or guanrantor.

Like Branch loan app, Carbon offers investment opportunity to potential investors. Carbon bank investors can earn up to 11% interest per annum.

With Carbon loan app, customers can buy airtime, pay bills and send money from their mobile phones.

Apart from immediate personal loans to its customers, Carbon also gives loans to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. An SME can get 50,000 Naira repayable within ten months. Loan applicants applying for SME loan are given the opportunity to choose the amount.

Carbon has a very active and highly interactive customer service tracking customers credit history and giving free credit reports.

You can apply for a virtual card to shop online or a debit card for physical cash withdrawal.

Android and iOS versions of Carbon loan app are available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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