The Kingdom of God in Branch Loan App

Branch loan app

Branch loan app is an olive branch illustrating mutual prosperity between angels (investors) and poor people in Tanzania, India, Nigeria and Kenya.

Branch = B + R + A + N + C + H
              = 2 + 18 + 1 + 14 + 3 + 8
              = 46
              = 20 + 26
              = Chi + Qi

Loan apps are branches of cyberspace, a gigantic olive tree whose branches extend to all parts of the world. Life energy circulates the earth through these loan apps.

Branch loan app is the sum of the divided Israelites Kingdom and the United Monarchy. Chi is the divided Israelites kingdom, qi is the United Monarchy, and branch is the lifespan of the kingdom of God starting from when the Hebrews entered the Promised Land to the time of the fall of Jerusalem.

The reason Rev 16:19 says the great city was divided into three is because the kingdom of God is letter Y.

The great city was split into three parts

Revelation 16:19 (GNT)

Aaron’s rod was initially letter I. Aaron’s rod budded means the rod changed from I to Y. While the Hebrews were still in the wilderness, their destiny was in their hands. The kingdom the Hebrews established in the Promised Land was Aaron’s Staff.

There is a saying that Y has one tail and two branches. The tail is the United Monarchy and the two branches are the kingdom of Israel and the kingdom of Judah. The branches were formed when the kingdom was taken away from Solomon and divided amongst Rehoboam and Jeroboam. The kingdom formed by the twelve tribes of Israel branched or budded after the reign of Solomon.

From Solomon to Rehoboam was Aaron’s Staff. Jeroboam was the bud. The bud grew from the time of Jeroboam to the time of the fall of Samaria.

Investors investing into the branch loan app are really sending their money to Israel, and money from the app is life energy flowing from Israel to poor people. God’s angels are receiving financial rewards for rescuing people from hunger and abject poverty.

Israel and Judah are the two small circles on the right and the United Monarchy is the single small circle on the left of the vertical line in the branch loan app logo.

Branch logo is itself bat quarter dollar coin wherein the Samoan mother fruit bat and her pup are the two circles and George Washington is the single circle.

Money invested into the branch app by American investors is qi energy flowing from the USA to poor people in India and Africa. Profit flowing from the app to investors is chi energy flowing from India and Africa to the USA.

America, India and Africa are Y. The USA is the tail and India and Africa are the branches. Which means the USA is the United Monarchy and Indian and Africa are Israel and Judah in branch loan app.

Life energy circulates between India, the USA and Africa. The two sides of the branch logo represent mutual prosperity between the USA and the four countries. Loans from the app are prosperity flowing to developing countries. And profit accrued by investors is prosperity flowing to the USA.

America’s prosperity is qi (George Washington) and India and Africa’s prosperity is chi (bats). Loans issued by Branch International are Somoan fruit bats flying from Hawaii to Africa and India. Bat quarter is the standard currency of prosperity and progress.

The left and right of the vertical line on the branch app logo are the obverse and reverse sides of bat quarter dollar coin. The single circle on the left side of the logo is America’ prosperity and the two circles occupying the right are prosperity in India and Africa.

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