New Jerusalem in Carbon Loan App

Carbon loan app logo

In reference to influx of money to the World Bank, Revelation 21:26 says the glory and honor of the nations shall come into the holy city. Are you in urgent need of money to pay for medicine or buy food? The lifeline is now open. Download the Carbon loan app from Google Play Store to apply for World Bank loan.

The riches of the nations will come to you.

Isaiah 60:5 (NIRV)

Fintech startups are springing up everywhere and attracting investors from all parts of the world. The force driving rapid growth in the fintech industry is financial inclusion.

The new Jerusalem is a cube,  accordong to Revelation 21:16. It was a magic cube concealed in alternate reality.

There is a biblical story of a holy city descending from heaven to earth. The heavenly Jerusalem has descended. Loan apps are physical manifestations of the holy city.

If you wish to know what the holy of holies Solomon placed in the first temple looks like, visit Google Play Store and download the Carbon loan app. Carbon app logo is the cube that came from alternate reality to reality. In alternate reality, Carbon logo is called cabbalistic tree of life. The tree is in reality the ten decimal arranged into a hexagon.

In the cabbalistic tree, a number is a sefirah and two or more numbers are sefirot. Which explains why the ten decimals are called ten sefirot.

The descending holy city was numbers emanating from obscurity. The numbers are codes used for financial transactions. Both creditors and debtors transfer money into these codes, thus bringing the wealth of the nations into the holy city.

Investing in Carbon loan app is bringing money into the new Jerusalem. Repaying a loan obtained from the Carbon app is transfering money into the new Jerusalem. The new Jerusalem described in the entire length of Revelation 21 is about digital banking tailored to financial inclusion.

The cube attracts money. Solomon who constructed the cube became the richest man on earth as a result of kings bringing their wealth into Jerusalem.

Money is flowing from debtors and creditors to these apps because the holy of holies is God’s algorithm. God’s numbers 20 and 26 are chi and qi attracting money to wherever the cube is erected.

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