9Credit Loan App Tree of Life

9Credit loan app

9Credit loan app is the manifestation in cybespace the money tree famously known as world tree or cosmic tree or tree of life in different cultures and religions.

9Credit existed long before the launching of the app in Google Play Store. For example, Pythagorean numerological chart was a 9Credit used for fortune-telling.

Yggdrasil, the world tree in Norse Cosmology, was a 9Credit in which a world is a credit and the nine worlds are nine credits.

9Credit is born out of omitting one out of ten credits. A credit is a decimal, and the ten decimals are ten credits. 0 (the first credit) is omitted from the list because it is a square face of the central cube. The nine small squares visible in a square face of a 3×3×3 magic cube are the nine credits.

Without money the world tree is just an ordinary tree. Money is the life. The world tree is the tree of life because transferring money to and fro the 9Credit loan app is circulating life.

9Credit was a 3×3 square grid concealed in alternate reality. The Chinese named this square lo shu square and the nine small squares in the square grid nine halls. Which means 9Credit loan app is physical manifestation of the Nine Hall Diagram.

9Credit loan app is 45 (milk), since sum of the nine numbers is 45. The magnitude of each small square is 5, since 45÷9 = 5.

5 stands for the five elements: fire, earth, water, wood and metal. Which implies that each small square in a square grid is the five elements.

Arranging the five elements into orderly geometric shapes and patterns is creating a pathway for life energy to circulate and bring prosperity and progress.

9Credit loan app is Carbon loan app in 2-D. Carbon app is cubic structure of the holy city, and nine credit is the holy city laid out as a square. The cube is God’s algorithm in which 20 and 26 are chi (qi) life energy.

Money flowing in and out of the 9Credit loan app is life circulating the tree of life.

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