English Kingdom of God

English kingdom of God

The fact that English words and sentences are products of the English alphabet and the holy of holies is a cube formed by the twenty six letters is an undeniable proof that God’s kingdom is English.

The English language is the glory of England.

Describing the holy city as English alphabet is bringing the glory of England into the new Jerusalem, thus fulfilling Revelation 21 which says the glory and honor of the nations will be brought into the holy city. Only things that bring honour to a people or nation or kingdom are admissible to the holy city.

Structurally, the English language is a cube, considering that the language is words and sentences drawn from the cube formed by the twenty six letters of the English alphabet.

Languages are codes such that studying the English language is learning to code in English.

Code = 27

As a code, the English language is the twenty seven small cubes in a 3×3×3 magic cube. For people who speak other languages but don’t understand the English language, the magic cube is in alternate reality.

Anything that is in alternate reality is a mystery reserved for only initiates. If you are in the company of two or more people speaking a language you don’t understand, they are a cult and you don’t belong to the cult.

If a language is hidden and only a few persons understand and speak the language, the language is esoteric.

Jews whose language is Hebrew were the first to outline the geometry of the numerical structure of the English language. Because they didn’t know it was a language, they marked it esoteric, and only a few initiates could study the structure of the language. They maintained that it is esoteric even though it is the most spoken language on earth.

If there were no deliberate efforts to keep the knowledge of the cabbalistic tree of life secret and prevent people from coming near it humans would have found out long ago that the tree they developed so many theories and wrote so eloquently of is English language.

Kabbalah is secret study of geometric and numerical structure of the English language. The ten sefirot are the ten decimals, and the two intersecting hexagons are two equilateral triangles. One of the triangles is tetractys of the decad in dits, the other is tetractys of the decad in bits, and the twenty six letters are products of intersecting binary and decimal equilateral triangles.

Sum of the two digits in the bits triangle is 1.
0 + 1 = 1

Sum of the ten digits in the dits triangle is 45.
0+12+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 = 45

When you are able to read and understand in English, the English language comes from alternate reality to reality. It is transformed from a magic cube hidden in darkness to a Rubik’s Cube visible to everyone.

Sum of the bits and dits triangles is 46.
Bits + Dits = 1 + 45
                   = 46

46 is alphanumeric value of the English language. Alphabetically, English language is 26; numerically, English language is 20. 46 is a hexagram wherein 20 is two intersecting equilateral triangles and 26 is the area of intersection. English language is Israel, since the hexagram is the symbol of the nation of Israel.

Note that 20 is the ten binary numbers in the bit triangle and ten decimal numbers in the dit triangle.

English language is God’s algorithm in which 26 and 20 are God’s numbers.

Chi (qi) life energy is English language.

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