Wealth Transfer from Europe to the Holy City


Euro is a code: EUR. By changing their national currencies to Euro, the leaders of nineteen out of the twenty seven member states of the EU brought the wealth of their nations into the code, thus walking in the light of Revelation 21:24 which says that the kings of the earth will bring into the holy city the wealth of their nations.

Each nation had its own currency before joining the European Union. For example, Italy had the Lira for 141 years before switching to Euro.

European Central Bank

The peoples of the world will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their wealth into it.

Revelation 21:24 (GNT)

By creating an economic system replicating the holy city, the people of Europe walked by the light of the new Jerusalem.

The national currency of a kingdom is the symbol of the wealth of its people. The wealth of Spain is peseta, Greece is drachma, Germany is deutschemark, and France is franc.
Bringing these currencies into Euro is transferring the wealth of the nations to the code.

EUR (code)

European Union is the code, and the Euro is monetary value of the code.

Code = 27

The 21 member states of the EU are the code. Each member state is a code such that the EU is a code recursively within itself. The codes constituting the EU are 46 (20 + 26). Since 20 and 26 are chi and qi, the codes are prosperity and progress.

Euro, a 3×3×3 cube, is the product of a merger of the prosperity and progress of twenty seven nations. The prosperity of each member state is a sub-cube and a microcosm of the fortune of the EU.

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