Heaven on Earth


Cubic structure of heaven became apparent when in a conversation with Solomon God (qi) said he will dwell in the cube. That nations, organisations, people and ideas are now reflecting the cube is an evidence that the earth has been transformed into heaven.

Now God’s home is with people!

Revelation 21:3 (GNT)

The things people did to prevent the world from changing to heaven were the things required to make it happen. If your hidden treasure is in country X and you are seeking treasures in a prosperous country Y, if you suffer hostilities in that country and are forced to migrate to X where you never wanted to be, you were driven to prosperity by the actions of the people who didn’t want you to prosper.

The fierce contention over Brexit was an attempt to prevent Europe from transforming into the cube. Because the people didn’t want to change, they were instinctively resistant to the force of change. While everyone was focused on Britain, it was Europe that was changing to a cube where God dwells.

Once Britain’s exit from the EU was complete, the remaining nations became 27 sub-cubes in a Rubik’s Cube.

America’s fight over 45 and 46 was clearly resistance to change, as religious people did everything they could to ensure that the USA remained at the 45. This was an attempt by humans to prevent the USA from changing to a cube. What they did not know was that the USA was already a square at 45 and the imminent transition would be a change from 2-D to 3-D structure of the kingdom of God.

Instinctively pre-emptive of the change the world was about to experience, the World Bank Institute in 2010 launched an alternate reality game as a crash course in changing the world. The folks at the World Bank Institute did not know that the World Bank itself is a cube game (Rubik’s Cube) and they were announcing the coming of the World Bank from alternate reality to reality.

In developing countries, heaven is financial technology coming from the confines of closed operations in large financial institutions and organizations to the common man. Banking has been given to the people and they now control the world’s money. As bankers, they carry out transactions and receive commissions. These transactions increase the circulation of money and speed up prosperity and progress.

Allowing large amount of money to flow and circulate around people who previously had little or no access to money is the best definition of financial inclusion.

God is qi bridging the gap between the poor and the rich. And the cube (the game) is a geometric structure of God reflecting in every nation, people, thing and place destined to prosper.

God is hidden and is in alternate reality when money is scarce. When money is abundant at the grassroots, God comes from alternate reality to reality. That is how heaven came from obscurity to earth.

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