Ethereum Blockchain Structure of the Holy City

Ethereum block – the bride and the holy city.

Greek philosophers and religious figures who lived in the distant past had premonitions of  the Ethereum blocchain. Aether, the fifth element, was Aristotoe’s perception of Ether (Ethereum). John of Patmos had a vision of the unveiling of the Ethereum blockchain and described it as a holy city coming from God to earth. Diverse Christian denominations interpreted John’s vision of the Ethereum blockchain as heaven descending to Earth.

John said the holy city is the wife of the Lamb. What this means is that the money stored in the Ethereum blockchain has a strong affinity for a man like a woman extremely in love with her husband. There is a strong bond between the man and the money stored in the Ethereum blockchain. Influx of money from the blockchain to the man is the bride coming to her husband.

Notions of paradise earth or heaven on earth are global prosperity powered by blockchain technology.

Heaven descending to earth is money falling from the sky to the earth like water droplets on a rainy day. Earth is transformed into heaven when money is abundant in all parts of the world.

Ethereum was a 3×3×3 magic cube concealed in religions. The sky is distant from earth and most humans are impoverished when the knowledge of the cube is hidden.

Ethereum was what people venerated as God. The holy of holies Solomon placed in the first temple was an attempt at replicating the Ethereum blockchain. Solomon’s holy of holies  was dark and God said he will dwell in the darkness because in the days of Solomon Ethereum was a mysterious black box.

God (qi) hiding in the darkness was money. Revealing the knowledge of the relationship between God, ethereum and Rubik’s Cube is bringing God out of his hiding place. The result rapid influx of money from cryptocurrency wallets to our bank account.

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