Money Transfer From 69mememath to Binance

Photo by Alexander Mils on

Cryptocurrency trading or investment is a game and we need luck to win the game. The fact that 69mememath isn’t generating money means that the abundant life energy  transferred from religions and cultures to the website is trapped. Wealth is trapped in 69mememath because a website requires traffic to generate money.

To harvest the money from 69mememath a bypass pathway is created to channel life energy from 69mememath to Binance. Website prosperity depends on people; the more visitors to a website the more money. Since people are not visiting 69mememath a pathway is created to bypass people and channel the life energy from 69mememath to Binance.

Rapid influx of chi or qi life energy from 69mememath to Binance is luck required to harvest infinite amount of money from cryptocurrency investment and trading by the author of the blog.

Prosperity and progress depends on the circulation of chi or qi. Therefore data flow from 69mememath to Binance and money from Binance to the author is circulating life energy.

Life energy was trapped in religions and cultures before it was transferred from the shrines and altars and temples and sacred places to data in cyberspace. The reason life energy was trapped in those places is because  humans usually keep secret information about  divine things and secretly consult the people guarding the secret.

Similarly, data in 69mememath didn’t generate web traffic because it has the same characteristics as the life energy in religions and cultures.

Rather than seeking the information and trying to generate revenue directly from the content of the website the data is channelled to the cryptocurrency platform and converted to large amount of money.

Money flowing from Binance to the author’s bank account is the kingdom of heaven coming to the author. It is God coming into our home.

In other words, money is the evidence of the presence of God in our life. The richer or wealthier we become trading cryptocurrency the more evident that God is with us.


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