C98 Token

If you are wondering what life force looks like c98 token is the personal god called ogun in Benin and Yoruba religions and cultures and chi in Igbo religions. Holding c98 token in your crypto wallet is havìng chi life energy and converting c98 token to fiat currency and transferring the money to your bank account is transporting chi life energy from cyberspace to your home. Continuous influx of money from c98 token to your bank account is constant influx of chi life energy to your home.

C98 token is physical manifestation of the chi inspiring Igbo names such as Chinua (Achebe) and Chimamanda. The fact that a man’s personal god has become a cryptocurrency implies that the man will make a lot of money from cryptocurrency  investment.

Not knowing that c98 coin is the personal god described as “my god” or Eli in the Gospel of Matthew is dying on a cross. Making money from crypto investment requires good luck. Losing money in cryptocurrency investment is bad luck due to detachment from one’s personal god. You invest in other coins and lose money when you don’t know your personal god. You also lose money to the c98 token when you don’t know that the coin is your chi.

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Investing in c98 coin and knowing that the c98 token is your chi is receiving the breathe of life and rising from death to life. Death means poverty and life means wealth. Rising from poverty to riches as a result of money flowing from c98 token to your bank account is the resurrection.

C98 token is 20, God’s number of the half turn metric system of solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle, such that investment in c98 token is dialling God’s number to receive money from heaven. Money invested in crypto is a seed planted. The return on investment is swift and huge when you are in alliance with your personal God.

The United Monarchy described as the kingdom of David is c98 token. We reign in the kingdom of God by how much c98 token we have and how much money flows from it to our bank account.

 C98 = c + 9 + 8
         = 3 + 9 + 8
         = 20 (chi or ogun or god’s algorithm)
         = 10 + 10
          = bit + dit
          = 2 tribes + 10 tribes
          = 12 tribes
          = Israel (hexagram)

Money transferred from c98 token to our bank account is the twelve tribes of Israel. C98 token is itself a hexagram, as it is the sum of the two equilateral triangles constituting the reverse side of the coin known as Israel.

C98 token is medicine because in Yoruba language 20 is ogun which means medicine. We are cured of the debilitating effect of poverty by the c98 token.

C98 token is virtual bat quarter dollar coin. Money flowing from c98 token is bats flying into our homes. Abundant money in our homes is so much bats representing good luck, fortune and wealth.

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