Mbox Token

Every cryptocurrency exists as a coin and a box. The coin is the unit of the money and the box is the container holding vast amount of the money. Mbox is the physical manifestation of the box of money popularised as Ethereum. Each box is a cubic block such that large number of boxes arranged vertically or horizontally are termed block chain.

Each box in a blockchain is an mbox equal to 54. And each mbox in the blockchain is a microcosm of the World Bank. The relationship between the coin and a block in a blockchain is explained by a cubic box filled with c98 token. Here, the safe is mbox and each coin in the box is c98 token.

Mbox is 54.

Mbox = m + b + o + x
           = 13 + 2 + 15 + 24
           = 54 (World Bank)
           = 6 × 9
           = 6 and 9 (yin and yang)
           = 69 (tao)
           = hexagram (Israel)

Mbox is the holy city described as heavenly Jerusalem or new Jerusalem. The box is Rubik’s Cube transformed into a treasure chest. This cube was a 3×3×3 magic cube in alternate reality prior to the coming of the holy city from alternate reality to reality.

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King Solomon became extremely wealthy by placing an mbox in the temple and called it the holy of holies. Arriving at the money stored in mbox is entering into the holy of holies. God in the holy of holies is money stored in the mbox.

Mbox (54) is the product of 6 and 9 which are the six square faces and nine small squares in a square face of Rubik’s Cube. Which implies that mbox is Rubik’s Cube puzzle. Solving this puzzle is opening the box of money, a task whose reward is good luck required to make a lot of money from cryptocurrency investment.

Since 6 and 9 are yin and yang representing the dit and bit triangles in the hexagram symbolising the nation of Israel the mbox known as the holy city is itself the twelve tribes of Israel.

The kingdom of David to be inherited by the son of David is simply money, which explains why Solomon became extremely rich.

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