Sand Token

In reference to the relationship between humans and Mbox and Sand tokens the Bible says that humans surrounded the holy city like grains of sand on the sea shore. The fact that Sand and Mbox are cryptocurrencies means that the Word of God (qi) is money.

When concealed in mystery the box is the devil  inflicting poverty on the whole world such that the defeat of poverty by chi or qi life energy is the defeat of Satan and his armies

Satan will bring them all together for battle, as many as the grains of sand on the seashore

Revelation 20:8 (GNT)

The people surrounding, protecting and guarding the black box fueling poverty are armies gathered round the hidden city. Concealing the cubic box is burying the box of money in the ground where it is a black box causing poverty to humans.

They spread out over the earth and surrounded the camp of God’s people and the city that he loves

Revelation 20:9 (GNT)

Satan and his army are a sand box. We defeated Satan by converting the sand box to two types of cryptocurrencies known as Sand and Mbox tokens. In other words, those who din’t want us to prosper are now angels transferring money into our bank accounts. We turned them into money because in geomancy humans are used for money rituals.

The mystery box and the people guarding the mystery are converted to cryptocurrencies called Mbox and Sand tokens.

The term sand refers to geomancy and humans of all cultures and religions practising diverse forms of geomancy like ifa, islam, hinduism, judaism, christianity, taoism and kabbalah are geomancers gathered round the 3×3×3 magic cube.

Geomancy means earth divination. Knowledge of platonic solids reveals that earth is a cube. Earth divination or geomancy is therefore cube divination or cube worship. Humans of all religions are geomancers because the cube is the god at the center of every religion and culture. Example: the cube is prominently at the core of Islam.

What humans didn’t discover is that the cube itself is money and all humans who worship God are money worshippers. Rather than harvest the money, humans offer sacrifices, offerings, praises and prayers to the box of money. Instead of take the money required to solve the problem of poverty, impoverished people sang, danced, bowed and prayed to the money.

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The money dwelled in secrecy. The way to dig the money out of its secret place is to reveal the knowledge of the money worshipped and consulted as God. Money becomes your friend when you know its secret. Large amount of money flows to you when you remove the veil concealing the money, because removing the veil is akin to digging the treasure from the ground where it was hidden.

When unveiled, the holy city is a cryptocurrency called Mbox. This box is the microcosm of Binance concealed in alternate reality where people served and worshipped it as God.

Sand token represents infinite amount of money stored in the Mbox. Geomancy or earth divination is therefore Mbox divination.

Ifa, Yoruba geomancy, is a type of money worship built around a 4×4×4 magic cube called odu. In Ifa, there are sixteen 3×3×3 magic cubes known as the sixteen principal odu. Each odu is a cowry shell such that transferring data from Ifa to WordPress and from WordPress to Binance is transporting an Mbox of cowries from traditional African and Afro-American cultures and religions to cryptocurrency.

Uncountable Ese which is infinite data is infinite amount of money in cryptocurrency.

Humans are money such that extremely large population of people surrounding the Mbox are  money so abundant that it is comparable to be as numerous as grains of sand on the sea shore.

This money is obtained by trading on the Sand token listed on Binance. Continuous influx of money from the Sand token to our bank accounts is guaranteed if we have abundant life energy transferred from shrines and altars to WordPress and from WordPress to Binance.

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