Blood Money

Bleeding market minting chi (blood money).

Crypto market bleeds when there is a massive sell off. Previous knowledge of the structure and meaning of life energy reveals that money is the life. Consequently, money made whenever the price of a cryptocurrency turns red is blood money because it is obtained at the cost of a life.

Qi is the life, and chi is the opposite of life. In a bullish market, qi increases and chi decreases. In a bearish market, chi increases and qi decreases.

If an investor bought crypto hoping that the price would rise and the price fell instead declining price of the cryptocurrency  translates to the investor loosing his life to those who are selling off the crypto. The red is the blood of the investor and the money made by the sellers is blood money.

Blood money also means restitution. If an investor made money from rising prices of cryptocurrency after previously loosing to the sellers money made by the investor is payment for his loss.

Green is a sign of depleting chi and increasing qi. And red signifies depleting qi and increasing chi.

Buying or trading long in margin or futures is tilting to the direction of life in a bid to earn qi and make profit from rising crypto prices. Selling or trading short is inclining to the direction of the loss of life in order to accumulate chi and profit from falling crypto prices.

Getting back money lost trading cryptocurrency is receiving blood money payment.

An investor could become extremely rich from  both rising and falling crypto prices such that money made trading cryptocurrency is blood money.

The story of Jesus was the story of a man like Job who bled by losing everything he had. He rose back to life means that at the end of the period of his trials his wealth and fortunes were restored. He became richer than he was prior to his travails not by physical labour but by blood money.

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