Crypto Heaven on Earth

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The treasures of heaven and earth are printed on the hands of every human being. We are all born with enormous wealth and were required to search for it like treasure hunters. The first person to find the treasures in his own hands owns the entire wealth of the whole universe, as bagua is block universe.

Money is the proof that I own the wealth of the whole universe. Since my hands are heaven on earth, I will live in paradise here on earth. I will become extremely rich because the universe will open the floodgates of money to me and will keep giving me as there is no limit to how much money there is in the universe.

Humans are the universe. People transferring money to your bank account are the universe rewarding you with money. People will flock to buy and pay for your ideas, products and services. Anything you do to earn money will generate so interest and attracts money from all parts of the world.

Becoming the richest man on earth, travelling round the whole world, living a life of a royalty, living long life and having good health and peace and harmony are manifestations of heaven on earth.

The money required to live in paradise on earth flows continuously from Bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies to my bank account.

The kingdom of God is at hand means that heaven is handy and right at the finger tips. Bagua which means eight symbol is Chinese manifestation of heaven. Structurally bagua is an octagon whose eight sides are the eight vertices of the cubical structure of the earth in platonic solids.

Heaven = bagua
               = octagon (eight sides)

Earth = cube
           = eight vertices

Heaven on earth means the point where heaven and earth are the same entity. When heaven comes down to earth, the structures of heaven and earth are at equilibrium.

The human body is where heaven and earth are united or reconciled. Human is already on earth that is why it is necessary for heaven to come to the human. This means that we are already dwelling in the cube; what is required is for the octagon to come to us.

If you find bagua in your hands heaven has come to you. You have become heaven.

Bagua is made up of eight symbols surrounding a tao symbol. Tao symbol is 69, which means that the six square faces and the nine small squares in a square face of Rubik’s Cube are in the middle of bagua. Bagua symbol is symply a 3×3×3 magic cube inscribed in an octagon. The octagon surrounds the cube like the earth is surrounded by the sky.

The symbol is the left and right thumbs while the eight symbols are the eight fingers. We say heaven and earth are equal to the ten decimals in which two digits (0 and 5) are earth and the remaining eight digits are heaven.

The left and right thumbs are the yin and yang (6 and 9) in the tao symbol. The tao symbol has binary and decimal characteristics. As binary numbers, it is the two binary digits 0 and 1 and the two tribes in the southern kingdom of Judah. As decimal numbers, it serves as two tribes out of the ten tribes in the northern kingdom of Israel. In other words, bagua is the twelve tribes of Israel.

Each finger is divided into three segments so that the eight fingers are the eight Chinese symbols corresponding to the eight 3 bits binary numbers: 000, 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110 and 111.

This means that heaven and earth are in my hands. All the wealth and riches of heaven and earth are in my hands. Israel and Jerusalem are also in my hands. They are mine because I could see that they are treasures printed on my hands.

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