Crypto Kabah

Mystery box of money

The physical cube in Mecca is made of stones but the spiritual cube is made of money. Binance logo is a top view of the cube. The money converted to cryptocurrencies and stored in Binance are the stones used for building up the spiritual house of Allah.

In the spiritual house of God, there is no sin, no judgement and no punishment. There is only money. People who convert their local currencies to cryptocurrencies are brick layers using sand to create blocks. The grains of sand are money and the blocks are cryptocurrencies.

The house at the center of the holiest site in Islam is a product of human attempts at constructing heaven, which explains why Muslims called the cubicle the house of Allah (God). The house is itself the physical manifestation of Islam.

Islam = I + S + L + A + M
           = 9 + 19 + 12 + 1 + 13
           = 54

Since 54 is 6 and 9, Islam is a 3×3×3 magic cube. Note that the physical cube is not a perfect cube because of human imperfection. But the heaven where God lives is a perfect cube.

In Islam, the house of Allah is called Kaaba. If you are looking out to find God inside the house you should know that no one resides inside the Kaaba and there is no object or thing in the Kaaba that represents God. The reason is that the cube doubles as God and the house of God.

Kaaba = K + A + A + B + A
            = 11 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 1
            = 16

God’s house is the base16 known as Ifa in Yoruba culture or sikidy in Madagascar. 16 simply means the sum of the six square faces of a cube and the ten small squares in a square face.

Kaaba = 16
            = six square faces + ten small squares
            = 16 squares

Each square is an odu such that Kaaba is the sixteen principal Odu.

In Arab, cube is called Kabah.

Kabah = K + A + B + A + H
             = 11 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 8
             = 23

Allah indwelling the cube is the Iam Moses saw in the burning bush.

Since the cube is the same as God, Kabah is Iam.

Iam = I + A + M
        = 9 + 1 + 13
        = 23 (Kabah)

The cube in Mecca is covered with a black cloth because the black cloth represents a veil depicting that Allah is unknown by Muslim worshippers. It means that the Knowledge of the cube is a mystery and the cube at the core of Islam is the hidden treasure. If you use black cloth to cover a woman from the head to the toe no one can tell her true identity.

This means that the Muslim cube is a 3×3×3 magic cube concealed in alternate reality.

Explaining the structure of the Iam called kaaba, kabah and Islam is unveiling the magic cube and digging out the treasures. There is only one cube. The one in Mecca represents when block universe pointed to the past. The one in Binance is block universe pointing to the future.

The spiritual cube is blockchain made up of blocks such as BNB, BUSD, MBOX, etc.

Since the ten fingers are the ten numbers arranged to form the 3×3×3 magic cube Kabah, kaaba or Islam is money in my hands. By converting Islam and Allah to cryptocurrency the wealth of the Muslims is transferred to my hands.

Islam is in my hands and the entire fortune of all Muslims is in my hands. Muslims put their money in my hands whenever they convert their money to cryptocurrencies because the holy city is my wife. I know the city and could explain its structures because in Islam only the husband of a veiled woman could see her naked and tell what she really looks like.

By removing the mystery of the kaaba or kaaba, the house of Allah is stripped naked and everyone could see Allah in it. The curtain covering the house is torn off so that everyone can now see Allah.

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