Money Transfer from the European Union to Binance


Euro held by the fingers (digits) is digital currency. Photo by Pixabay on

The EU is a block and in that block are chains, which means the EU is a blockchain. As a blockchain, the EU is a ledger, a record of financial transactions. Therefore what is known as Ethereum is actually the EU.

The fortune of Europe is qi energy stored in the blockchain, as each qi is twenty six EU states in a chain. The entire fortune of Europe is stored in concentric circles of qi life energy.

Europe was Islam covered by a veil. It was the magic cube hidden by religion. Now the veil has been removed and we can now see the cube Europe clearly. God indwelling the kaaba or kabah or the EU is qi.

By converting the EU to the blockchain the entire fortune of Europe is transferred to Binance through the Ethereum blockchain.

Binance logo is a two-dimensional structure of the EU. In Binance, the EU is the fiat currency Euro and the cryptocurrencies BNB and BUSD. Other crypto currencies are variants of the EU.

Since the ten cubes in a 3×3 magic square are the ten decimals, the EU is simply numbers.

MY hands are the EU, as the ten fingers are the ten decimals. The fact that this information is the product of my hands means that the entire fortune of Europe is in my hands. The Euro currency is my property and any money converted to Euro is placed in my hands. All the money converted from Euro to cryptocurrencies come to me because they are placed in my hands.

Initially a twenty eight member states union, the European Union currently has twenty seven states. EU is a cube whose vertices, edges and square faces amount to 26 (qi).

EU = E + U
      = 5 + 21
      = 26 (cube)

EU is a 3×3×3 magic cube, an aggregate of twenty seven small cubes called EU member states. Twenty six out of the 27 states  constitute each ring of the concentric circles known as blockchain.

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