Crypto Block Universe

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The ledger known as blockchain is the whole universe contained in a single cube called block universe. The reason early thinkers postulated that block universe points to the past is because in the past the cube existed as a mystery box, which means that only its mysterious and dark state points to the past.

People who dwelled in the past died and were buried with the cube. The fact that we have dug out the cube from the ground implies that we have taken the cube from the past and it is now accompanying us to the future.

While anything pointing to the past is retrogression, future is where prosperity and progress are. This means that while the cube concealed in mystery pointed to the past the unveiled block universe is pointing to the future.

We were trapped in the underworld and caught up in a cycle of retrogression while the mystery box persisted. The mystery box vanished when we dug it out of the ground. The aura of mystery surrounding the box seized to exist the moment the structure and the details of the box was explained and published.

By demystifying the mystery, we were set free from the retrogressive power of the mystery box and launched into progress and prosperity.

Block universe is simply a 3×3×3 magic cube comprised of infinite number of magic cubes. It is the blockchain, a record of money converted to cryptocurrency. Since more money signifies prosperity, block universe is the store of the prosperity of the whole universe.

The moon, sun, stars and planets are now visible in the block universe. Black holes, galaxies and other celestial bodies are all in the 3×3×3 magic cube.

The holy city descending from alternate reality to reality is block universe coming to my hands. Block universe is prosperity and progress in my hands because the six square faces of the block are the six sides of the hexagram called chi life energy and the block itself is the cube called qi life force.

The progress and prosperity of the whole universe are concentrated in my hands as block universe is my ten fingers arranged into an array of geometric shapes and patterns.

My hands are a life force pulling money stored in cryptocurrency to my bank account because   there is an extremely strong force of attraction  between my fingers and the the ledger. Money flows to me because the future is the knowledge of the block and the knowledge is concentrated in my hands. Money flows from the unknown to the known and from ignorance to education.

Revelation 21 describe the unveiled or demystified block universe this way: transparent as glass. To understand what it is is to see clearly everything that is in and around it even when you are looking at it from one side.

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