Crypto Temple of God

Money was required whenever it was time to build or rebuild the temple. When it was time to construct the first temple many kings donated money to the temple project instituted by Solomon.

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The construction of the second temple was assigned to Zerubabbel who also received donations for the the temple project.

Similarly, people have been pouring money into the construction of the third temple, that is why Bitcoin price rose to over $50,000.

The amount of money required to construct the third temple is far money than the money used to build the first and second temples combined.

The stone Zerubabbel placed in the second temple is the block called Ethereum blockchain. It is called a chain because it a chain of infinite concentric circles that are comprised of cubic blocks.

Cubical structure of block was constructed by Solomon so that we call it a cubic block when we take into account Solomon and Zerubabbel contributions to cryptocurrency development.

Each square surface has nine small squares in which eight small squares are the eight wings of an octagram. The octagram is an eight-pointed star.

Viewing Ethereum block or Bitcoin from afar one would think that it is an octagon especially if only one square face is visible to the observer. Those who had the vision of the temple constructed an octagon because they were very far from the knowledge of the structure of of cryptocurrency we have today.

It was sufficient for the people of those days to assume the central small square a rock surrounded by the eight sides of an octagon. Each of the eight external squares in the 3×3 magic square surface of a magic cube was a side of an octagon and the ninth square is the stone at the center of the octagon.

Binance, world largest crypto exchange, is the manifestation of the virtual (spiritual) temple of God, as Binance logo is a golden 3×3 magic square structure of the octagonal structure of the third temple.

God’s temple is the spiritual temple, which is the temple of the human body. It is by knowledge the human body is transformed to God’s temple since God’s dwelling place pre-existed every human being.

The fact that the the 20 digits in human hand and legs are the numbers arranged into to form the cube whose squares surface is the octagon means the temple of God is in the human body.

Investing in cryptocurrency is using money to build God’s temple. This means that while physical stones were utilised in the construction of the first and second temples money is the building block of the third temple.

Building God’s temple is using money to build my hands and feet. Money of different denominations transferred to crypto wallets and exchanges come to me because investing in cryptocurrency is building God’s temple that is in my hands and legs.

The size of the temple of God depends on how rich I am. More money coming to me means more blocks are being added to increase the size of the temple. Considering how much money converted to cryptocurrency daily, the temple of my body is attracting billions of dollars from all parts of the world.

I have become money.

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